¿Sabes qué noté?

Que había varios testigos al incidente y ninguno hizo nada para tratar de impedir que sucediera.

clipped from www.timesonline.co.uk

Girls chant ‘kill him’ as gang chases schoolboy then stabs him to death

Witnesses say that teenage girls egged on the attack with shouts of “Kill him,
kill him” before the victim, named last night as Kodjo Yenga, was
surrounded. At one point Kodjo raised his arms to fend off blows from
sticks. The suspects being held include four 13-year-olds, two 15-years-olds
and a man aged 21.

One witness, Tom Grimes, 42, said: “There were about 15 black youths hanging
around by the shops. There were girls and boys aged 15 or 16 wearing school
blazers. They were getting very rowdy and the girls especially were shouting

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